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Oct 5, 2012 9:00pm CDT
blown up and michael may very well be the face leading its entire community has rallied behind comedy shows with a latino flare. there were three latino comedians 27 locals on my cell phone right now the show started all little over a decade ago but the idea goes further back. comedian freddie prince in the '70s may be to blame for it. >> i just thought some of those stories are me i thought myself i want to do that one day but before the day came there were some stops along the way and stand in the military and also worked as a deity his childhood also certainly shaped him and his humor. my dad bill to a grocery store here and years later i was caught shoplifting and his own grocery store. so she has come a long way a week ago we followed him on what was a past show mike the ringmaster. we talked about everything. before going up on stage at the committee and set raved about him. i don't know when this guy sleeps it seems like he is on top of that 100 percent of the time he can really address any audience and make them laugh no matter what. he is not the only one to benefit. tonight
Oct 3, 2012 9:00pm CDT
they gave up seven on answered runs to the a's. a fly ball from michael young to coco kretz and the oakland a's, 13 games back on june 30th and five back with 10 to play as the champions of the a.l. west, texas goes to the wild card game friday night against baltimore. less time for the quarterback into the offensive coordinator to get mad at each other it was actually pretty funny. color avoided like he was a process server. to the national tv audience i guess it was a big deal, a round here not as much. he probably had enough of me talking about how the play didn't work i get enough of me to. i was really angry about the fact that we didn't make about one i wish they would have gotten the clip i wish they had showed that one. i smacked them back. >> fire in philadelphia tonight in charge of their playoff phase at the moment 66 minutes fire back on their heels and gabriel gomez makes it a to-nothing game. and congratulations to miguel cabrera the first one downúz÷ó÷w÷v"x÷5kp?ó>gí@yoç,=çw@7p7únú]p;nox0ñ>-xwúóx]p0p?w6@9÷ñp@:y ít>lí=? Ñp>.;pb>ñ>ñlíç?oú@oñrgpzuo<ñpu
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm CDT
type of spaghetti for a delicious italian dish. chef michael ponzio from bar umbriago is here to show us how. >>we have big chunks of meat in there. >> you have been cooking since a young kid. >>all homemade pasta. >>how long are we cooking this one? >>this one cooks for about 8 minutes. >>that is why i like it. a little bit of texture. >>we are taking some water. the starch inside helps thicken the sauce. we are going to take a little bit of butter. >>this is one of the meals you are serving. we imported a bunch of italian micro brews. >>these are the ones we are featuring. >>a lot of fun. >>fresh ground black pepper. it takes a pretty hefty amount. >>it goes for about 6 minutes. at this point we are going to put the cheese inside the pasta. >>allow the pasta and sauce to cook together. >>i think that is the mistake people make at home. >>they skip this last step. there is a lot of flour left in there. it smells delicious. >>it is traditonally finished with egg yolk inside the past. make a nice little basket. >>nice presentation. >>take the egg yolk and put it on to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3